New version (1.3.1) of iPhone app with revised Subscription plans is launched

We just released the new version (1.3.1) of JustRemindIt iPhone application with some cool improvements.

After releasing our Subscription plan in last week, we received quite a few requests from our customers to provide subscription plans that support high volume of reminders as well as low to medium volume of reminders. So we revised our subscription plans and launched following 4 plans -

  • Personal Plan: It’s the original Free plan with 5 monthly reminders intended for individual consumers. Now this plan also supports Message Template and Stored Contacts feature that was only available to premium plans before.
  • Professional Plan: With 75 monthly reminders.
  • Small Business Plan: With 200 monthly reminders.
  • Enterprise Plan: With 500 monthly reminders.

Please see our Pricing page to learn more details about each plan, it’s pricing and what features are available in each plan.

With this plan changes, we’ve also updated our iPhone application to reflect latest changes. Get the latest version from the App store for free here – download reminder iPhone app now! says JustRemindIt App is a helpful Band-Aid solution for Alzheimer Epidemic

Robin Wilding at interviewed our founder Aditya about JustRemindIt’s journey so far and his struggle as a first time entrepreneur. About JustRemindIt app, she has some good words to say -

JustRemindIt App is a helpful Band-Aid solution for Alzheimer Epidemic…is is a simple and yet brilliant application that sends automatic reminders via Phone call and SMS to others. It also provides recurring reminders, contact lists, templates, an iPhone app and lot more functionalities.

Go read our full interview at

Announcing Monthly Free reminders, SMS & Recurring reminders, Message Templates and Stored Contacts

Finally your wishes have come true! We’re super excited to announce some of the most requested features for JustRemindIt’s both iPhone and Web applications.

Brief Overview of New Features

  • Monthly Subscription plans: We’ve added Free, Personal & Professional subscription plans. You’re automatically subscribed to a Free plan and can upgrade to Personal or Professional plan easily.
  • Monthly Free reminders: Each plan will get monthly free reminders as per the plan limit and your unused reminders from each month will get roll over to the next month.
  • SMS reminders: Each plan offers a choice to send your reminder via a Voice Call or as a SMS (Text Messages).
  • Recurring reminders: Each plan allows you to schedule recurring reminders so that you don’t have to schedule a same reminder again and again.
  • Message Templates: Personal and Professional plan allows you to create message templates and select a message from it while scheduling a new reminder so that don’t have to type the same message again and again.
  • Stored Contacts: Personal and Professional plan allows you to store receiver’s details into contacts and select a receiver from it while scheduling a new reminder so that you don’t have to type the contact details again and again.

We hope you’ll love these new additions and it will make your reminder scheduling experience even more efficient, fast and easy.

Here is a quick preview of how Web application looks like -

Here is a quick preview of how iPhone application looks like -

To learn more details about Web application, please visit our features page. To see a list of features available in each plan, visit our plans and pricing page. Each plan provides a 30-day Free trial period.

Also, download the latest version of iPhone app from the App Store for free here –

As usual, please let us know any feedback or suggestions you may have or any bugs you encounter by sending an email to Also, we’ll appreciate if you could spread the word about our service with your friends, or your dentist, lawyer, accountant, or Salon service, who you think will benefit by this service.