Announcing Enterprise plans for Phone Call & SMS Reminder Software

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve released monthly subscription plans of JustRemindIt that will be useful for Enterprise scale businesses.

So far we’ve been focusing on helping Small Businesses to send Phone Call and SMS reminders to their clients or consumers to send reminders to their friends or themselves. We’ve been also continuously working on adding new features, improving existing features, and improving our performance.

While doing this, we’ve received few customer requests who wanted to send large volume reminders. So with all new improvements and enhancements, we believe that we can support more businesses which have high volume requirements.

So based on customer demand and also based on recent developments, we decided to also help Enterprise businesses along with Small businesses to send Voice Call and SMS reminders the easiest possible way. So please check out our new pricing plans for Enterprise businesses. We believe we offer the most affordable pricing in the market for Phone Call and SMS reminder solution out there. Hope you also find so!

Also, let us know if you have any questions or feedback about anything. Just email us at and we will get back to you right away.

Announcing Caller ID Support, Gathering Receiver’s Feedback, and more features

A lot has happened since we launched our monthly subscription plans a couple months ago. Many customers upgraded their free plan to Premium plan and finding it as a good move. Few of them even have written to us about how happy they’re with our reliable service and excellent customer support.

But it’s not all good and rosy out here. Few of them also complained about bugs we had in our service and some features that we didn’t support early on. But we stayed strong, listened to feedback, and executed on what customers were asking for.

Today, I’m really happy to share that we’ve improved our usability, fixed known bugs, and most importantly launched few most requested features.

Announcing new features -

  1. Use your Phone Number as a Caller ID: Till now we were sending all reminders from 1-877 number. But most receivers don’t recognize that number and sometimes they wouldn’t pick up the call. So many of our customers wanted to send reminders from their own phone number. Now you can exactly do that. First you need to verify your number with our service, then we’ll use your number as a Caller ID to send both Phone Call and SMS reminders.
  2. Gather receiver’s response at the end of a reminder: Many of our customers are using this service to send Appointment Reminders, and the most important part was to know if the client is still going to show up for an appointment or not. Now you can gather response from a receiver with simple feedback mechanism, where receiver needs to press different keys to Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule an appointment. We’ll show you this response status on the reminder History page with nice color-coding for a quick glance!
  3. Send custom greeting message: Some people didn’t like our standard greeting message that we send with each reminder message! But that’s all right, we understand people have different preferences. So now we’re enabling you to send your own custom welcome greeting message for each reminder that represents your business or suits to your personality!

Here is how these features look on the Settings page -

This is how it looks on History page when feedback response from receiver is received about appointment confirmation -

Currently these features can be enabled only from our Web Application. Use your same login details that you use for the iPhone app. Once you enable these features from Web application, they will be in effect even though you schedule reminders from iPhone App.

Also, these features are available only for all Premium plans. So if you’re using a Personal plan, and want to use these features, then you need to upgrade your account to any Premium plan!

I hope you’ll find these additions useful and valuable. Please don’t hesitate to report any issues you see or suggest new ideas you have that can improve our service.

New version (1.3.1) of iPhone app with revised Subscription plans is launched

We just released the new version (1.3.1) of JustRemindIt iPhone application with some cool improvements.

After releasing our Subscription plan in last week, we received quite a few requests from our customers to provide subscription plans that support high volume of reminders as well as low to medium volume of reminders. So we revised our subscription plans and launched following 4 plans -

  • Personal Plan: It’s the original Free plan with 5 monthly reminders intended for individual consumers. Now this plan also supports Message Template and Stored Contacts feature that was only available to premium plans before.
  • Professional Plan: With 75 monthly reminders.
  • Small Business Plan: With 200 monthly reminders.
  • Enterprise Plan: With 500 monthly reminders.

Please see our Pricing page to learn more details about each plan, it’s pricing and what features are available in each plan.

With this plan changes, we’ve also updated our iPhone application to reflect latest changes. Get the latest version from the App store for free here – download reminder iPhone app now!

Announcing Monthly Free reminders, SMS & Recurring reminders, Message Templates and Stored Contacts

Finally your wishes have come true! We’re super excited to announce some of the most requested features for JustRemindIt’s both iPhone and Web applications.

Brief Overview of New Features

  • Monthly Subscription plans: We’ve added Free, Personal & Professional subscription plans. You’re automatically subscribed to a Free plan and can upgrade to Personal or Professional plan easily.
  • Monthly Free reminders: Each plan will get monthly free reminders as per the plan limit and your unused reminders from each month will get roll over to the next month.
  • SMS reminders: Each plan offers a choice to send your reminder via a Voice Call or as a SMS (Text Messages).
  • Recurring reminders: Each plan allows you to schedule recurring reminders so that you don’t have to schedule a same reminder again and again.
  • Message Templates: Personal and Professional plan allows you to create message templates and select a message from it while scheduling a new reminder so that don’t have to type the same message again and again.
  • Stored Contacts: Personal and Professional plan allows you to store receiver’s details into contacts and select a receiver from it while scheduling a new reminder so that you don’t have to type the contact details again and again.

We hope you’ll love these new additions and it will make your reminder scheduling experience even more efficient, fast and easy.

Here is a quick preview of how Web application looks like -

Here is a quick preview of how iPhone application looks like -

To learn more details about Web application, please visit our features page. To see a list of features available in each plan, visit our plans and pricing page. Each plan provides a 30-day Free trial period.

Also, download the latest version of iPhone app from the App Store for free here –

As usual, please let us know any feedback or suggestions you may have or any bugs you encounter by sending an email to Also, we’ll appreciate if you could spread the word about our service with your friends, or your dentist, lawyer, accountant, or Salon service, who you think will benefit by this service.

JustRemindIt iPhone App Version 1.2.1 is available in the App Store

Just a quick update – iPhone app’s new version 1.2.1 is available in the App Store – download here now!

Here are the few things that we’ve added into this version - 

  • Added an ability to Set Reminder to Yourself in a single click
  • Added a default setting to save user’s phone number
  • Improved the performance of Web requests, so app is now faster than before
  • Fixed an issue in default Timezone settings about it not getting persisted after setting a reminder

Go get it now!

JustRemindIt iPhone App Version 1.2 is available in the App Store

As promised in the last post, our iPhone app’s latest version 1.2 is available in the App Store – download now!

Here are the few things that we’ve added into this version - 

  • Added default Timezone setting for user, which will be also used as a default Timezone for the receiver.
  • Added an ability to Edit reminders if they are not already Called.
  • Added more descriptive error messages for more corrective actions.
  • Added lot of usability enhancements and improved the user experience.
  • Added appropriate icons for History view to visually identify the state of the scheduled reminders.
  • Updated the pricing of packages.
  • Fixed many bugs and improved the performance of the application.

Go get it now!

JustRemindIt is now also available as a Web Application

We’re super excited to show you what we’ve been working on for the last few months. The dead simple iPhone application to Send Voice Call reminders is now also available as a Web application at You get the same functionality on the Web application that you’re getting on the iPhone application. You just type your message and receiver details, and we send an automatic Voice Call to a receiver at the scheduled time.

Feature Tour

We’ve made sure the JustRemindIt Web application has same kind of ease of use, elegance and beautiful interface on the Web that you get on the iPhone application – hope you guys like the simplicity and usability of the application. Here is how the Web application looks like - 



Learn more about why you should be using JustRemindIt service for sending reminders on our Benefits page.


Also take a look at our Pricing page – as usual, we’re continuing the honest Pay-As-you-Use pricing model. You pay only when you use reminders. There are no setup charges, no long-term contracts, and no monthly usage restrictions. You can pay as low as 8¢ per reminder.

Account Synchronization

If you’re already an iPhone application user, then just login with your same account credentials on the Web application. Your account is always in Sync for both iPhone and Web application. If you’re a new user, then head over to account registration and create your account in less than 10 seconds.


We’re releasing most requested features like SMS reminders, Recurring reminders, Storing favorite contacts and Creating reminder templates, etc very soon – so stay tuned. We’ll be also releasing some premium plans with advanced features for advanced users, but for basic use cases, the Web application will always remain free, and we only charge you for the reminders you use.


As usual, please let us know any feedback or suggestions you may have or any bugs you encounter by sending an email to Also, we’ll appreciate if you could spread the word about our service with your friends, or your dentist, lawyer, accountant, or Salon service, who you think will benefit by this service.

KillerStartups says JustRemindIt iPhone app is ingenious!

Few days ago KillerStartups wrote a nice review about JustRemindIt iPhone app. You can read the full article here –

Our favorite part is -

The way Just Remind It works is actually quite ingenious, as all you have to do is specify who should receive the reminder, and then type a text message and have it sent out to Just Remind It. The company will take care of converting that text message into voice, and call the person up when the time comes.

Thank you KillerStartups for a nice review!

Have you given a spin to JustRemindIt app yet? Get it here for Free –

Twilio writes about JustRemindIt iPhone app’s story

The nice guys at Twilio wrote a quick blog post about JustRemindIt’s story - JustRemindIt Uses Twilio to Help You Forget About Forgetting

They summed up how JustRemindIt started really well -

Aditya’s wife prototyped the first version of JustRemindIt for a class project. After getting positive feedback from both her classmates and friends, Aditya decided to build a commercial version. Reminders are as low as 8 cents, and the free iPhone app makes entering reminders a breeze.

Working on Twilio platform was really an awesome experience. It’s a straight forward technology with great value proposition. Getting started with their technology was super easy, thanks to their well documented APIs and examples. And we love their great customer service too – their developer evangelists are always available to help and answer your questions!

I’ll write more technical details about JustRemindIt’s architecture and how we use Twilio in a future post but in short, it’s a great experience to start a new business (not just an application) on top of Twilio platform. There is a tremendous opportunity for many interesting businesses to get started using their powerful platform. I’m excited and looking forward to build many interesting things for JustRemindIt using their interesting APIs, and also look forward to see interesting applications that fellow developers will build.

Thank you Twilio for providing such a wonderful platform, an awesome customer service, and nice write ups that help developers promote their applications.


iPhoneAppFinder’s nice review about JustRemindIt iPhone app

iPhoneAppFinder just wrote a nice review about JustRemindIt iPhone app. You can read the full article here - Our favorite part is -

JustRemindIt is perfect for people who want to go beyond e-mail and keep their contacts up to date on a certain task. The fact that you can send your voice message by just typing the content is a big plus. I like the fact that one can send messages based on the recipients’ timezone.

Whether you are a small business hoping to stay in touch with your clients or a busy individual in need of reminders to get certain tasks done on time, JustRemindIt has you covered.

Thank you iPhoneAppFinder for a nice review!